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    What to Do Before Your Child's First Dentist Appointment

    Last updated 1 year ago

    You should start teaching your child healthy oral hygiene habits as young as possible. Schedule the first dentist appointment by the child’s first birthday to ensure that he or she has healthy teeth and gums. Use this guide to prepare yourself and your child for that initial visit:

    Find the Right Office
    One of the most important aspects of your child’s first dental visit is the dentist you choose. Make sure to select a dentist that knows about oral hygiene for children, answers all of your questions, and has a gentle bedside manner. A dentist that can cater to children will be more likely to give you useful advice that helps you care for your child’s mouth.

    Think About Questions to Ask
    Take advantage of your time at the dentist by creating a list of questions that you can ask during the appointment. Whether you want to know more about brushing and flossing or what to expect from the teeth at different ages, the dentist or the dental hygienist can give you the answers you need. This helps you teach your child good habits and guide him or her on the path to a healthy smile.

    Touch Base with the Dental Office
    Before your appointment, it is a good idea to talk to the staff at the office. This way, the receptionist can tell you if you need to do anything special to prepare for the visit. He or she can also tell you what information you need to bring with you to the appointment.

    At Performance Dental Care, we give you the oral health services you need to maintain a beautiful smile. Our Tinley Park, Flossmoor, and Palos Hills dentists specialize in traditional oral health, sedation dentistry, and cosmetic dentistry to meet all of your needs. For more information on our services, visit our website or call (708) 462-4782. 

    What Is Pediatric Dentistry?

    Last updated 1 year ago

    The mouth and teeth play an important role in your child’s development. Children have special needs and concerns when it comes to dental care to ensure the teeth remain healthy. Pediatric dentistry focuses on the unique dental concerns faced by children and their parents. A pediatric dentist specializes in treating children, providing both general and restorative dental care. Your child should visit a pediatric dentist by the time they turn one, or approximately six months after their first tooth erupts. Your pediatric dentist will explain your child’s dental needs and how to care for your child’s teeth as they grow. You and your dentist will discuss how nutrition, fluoride, and other factors contribute to your child’s dental health and development. Taking your child to a pediatric dentist ensures they will be treated with understanding and provided with a child-friendly environment to help cultivate good dental habits for life.

    At Performance Dental Care, we offer pediatric dental services in Tinley Park, Palos Hills, and Flossmoor. Call us today at (708) 462-4782 to schedule your child’s first dental visit with us. You can find more tips on caring for your child’s teeth on our blog.        

    How to Avoid Damaging Your New Bridge or Crown

    Last updated 1 year ago

    Dental implants, crowns, and bridges are often made from porcelain, a material designed to stand up to regular use in the mouth. However, certain habits can cause damage to your dental restorations. Avoiding situations that are likely to damage your bridge or crown will ensure it remains functional and looking its best for years to come.

    Avoid Hard and Sticky Foods
    Hard foods such as nuts, popcorn kernels, hard candies, and ice can crack or chip a porcelain dental restoration. Avoid chewing these foods to prevent damage that could cause pain or sensitivity. Sticky foods such as some fruits, candies, and raisins stick to teeth, bridges, and crowns and may loosen your restoration. If you do eat these foods, try to chew them on the side that does not contain your crown or bridge and floss well after eating.

    Don’t Use Your Teeth as Tools
    Your teeth are meant to chew your food to aid with the digestion process. They are not meant to act as bottle openers, scissors, or other tools. Never use your teeth to rip open packaging, tear tape, or hold heavy items. Too much force can damage both natural teeth and restorations, causing pain and cosmetic damage.

    Use a Mouth Guard
    If you play sports, talk to your dentist about obtaining a mouth guard. Mouth guards absorb the shock from blows and falls to prevent injuries to the teeth, lips, cheeks, and tongue. A mouth guard may also be recommended if you suffer from nighttime tooth grinding, or bruxism. The force of grinding and clenching can wear away both natural tooth enamel and porcelain, but a mouth guard provides cushioning to prevent damage and wear.  

    Are you interested in learning more about maintaining, improving, or restoring your smile in Palos Hills, Tinley Park, or Flossmoor? Performance Dental Care offers crowns, bridges, dental implants, and more to help you achieve a healthy, happy smile. Click through our website or call (708) 462-4782 to find out more about our full-service dental practice

    Invisalign Teen | Tinley Park Dentist (814) 464-8850 |

    Last updated 1 year ago

    Invisalign is a great way to get the smile that you’ve always wanted. Check out this helpful video to learn more about how Invisalign can help you! This patient’s mother describes how Invisalign teen transformed his son’s smile and gave him confidence. To schedule a consultation, contact us at (815) 464-8850.

    Easy Ways to Prevent Bad Breath

    Last updated 1 year ago

    Bad breath can be embarrassing, but there are many solutions to eliminate this dental problem. Often, bad breath results from poor oral hygiene that allows food debris to remain in your mouth. This creates an inviting environment for odor-causing bacteria. Taking extra care to brush and floss your teeth properly can prevent bad breath. Using mouthwash or a tongue scraper are other effective methods to remove bacteria and food debris. You can learn more ways to prevent bad breath by watching this video.

    Are you looking for the right dentist to keep you on the track to excellent dental care and a healthy smile? You can become Performance Dental Care’s newest patient by calling (708) 462-4782. Our Tinley Park, Flossmoor, and Palos Hills dental staff offer comprehensive dental care for you and your family. Visit us on the web for more information. 

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